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Engineering Centre for mining companies is launched at EZOCM site

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

The project is being implemented in partnership with Skolkovo Foundation

Unique engineering centre for advisory, design, research and development services in the area of extraction and enrichment of precious metals commenced operation at the site of Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (core enterprise of the international PLAURUM Group) on June 26, 2017. Denis Borovkov, General Director of EZOCM JSC, Sergey Grokhovsky, Director General of “EZOCM – ENGINEERING” LLC, Sergey Perestoronin, Minister of Industry and Science of Sverdlovsk Region, as well as stakeholder representatives took part in the ceremonial opening of this new subdivision.

Since 2012, the project of Engineering Centre has been developed by EZOCM – ENGINEERING, a subsidiary of EZOCM, in partnership with Skolkovo Foundation (EZOCM – ENGINEERING is the Foundation resident). Skolkovo provided comprehensive scientific and advisory support and became the co-investor of the project “Energy-Efficient Technology for the Commercial Development of PM Deposits” (which is one of Engineering centre’s key technologies). EZOCM is the second co-investor of the project. 

Total investments in this project and Engineering Centre’s laboratory will amount to about RUB 100 mln. over the next few years. 

The Centre’s personnel and its scientific and technological potential are geologists and enrichment specialists with experience at mining and enrichment facilities around the world. The Centre is absolutely unique and complies with all world standards in terms of its technological infrastructure. Engineering Centre’s laboratory includes equipment for ore preparation and enrichment of mineral and industrial raw material samples of precious metals. The main specific feature of the Centre is the use of innovative system “Gidroudar”, it is the only complex of such kind in Russia. The novelty and specific nature of this equipment system compared with existing analogs lies in its breakthrough approach to the destruction of the material processed. Strong ultrasonic treatment of ore allows its selective opening and precious metal extrication.

“Precious metals extraction from hard-to-recover ore is a crucial task under conditions where a number of negative factors are combined, such as decline in amount of exploration works and reduction of easy raw-material stocks. “Gidroudar” technology provides a more efficient solution for processing, i.e. to reach a cost-effective level of metal recovery coupled with energy savings during the ore preparing for enrichment.  The destruction of the processed material with use of ultrasonic treatment will simplify the solution,” explained Sergey Grokhovsky, General Director of EZOCM-ENGINEERING.   

In the opinion of Sergey Perestoronin, Minister of Industry and Science of Sverdlovsk Region, it is very important that such hi-tech projects are being implemented in the region’s territory today.

He added, “A large number of industrial enterprises operate in our region, their wastes contain precious metals – not only gold and silver, but also the platinum-group metals required by enterprises in the defense, space and other industries. I mean that these materials are necessary for the development of our own industry. From this moment, they can be obtained on-site and not only from abroad, which leads to considerable money and time savings.”

EZOCM Engineering Centre is ready to render its services to mining companies operating in Russia and near and far-abroad countries.

“Any company with mineral raw materials or accumulated industrial wastes with low precious-metal content can use our services. Our equipment and know-how allows us to definitely identify precious-metals composition and content in samples, develop a turn-key technology for PGMs recovery, and offer the most efficient solution. Engineering Centre’s equipment, including “Gidroudar” unit, can be reconfigured and rescaled for any client task or specific raw materials – the required manufacturing facility can be mounted and put into operation right at the source of the raw material. Thus, not only our enterprise, but also the international PLAURUM Group as a whole, has gained a new and powerful competitive advantage bringing us closer to the top of the world market for the extraction and processing of precious metals,” noted Denis Borovkov, General Director of EZOCM.

It should be noted that Engineering Centre’s establishment marks the final stage in one of the key directions in PLAURUM Group’s development strategy through 2020 in terms of the forming new sources of raw materials. In 2015, a high-technology line for sampling of mineral raw materials with low precious-metals content and preparing them for analysis was put into operation at the site of EZOCM, and in the summer of 2016 plant for processing and enrichment of low-grade industrial raw materials (autocatalysts and petrochemical catalysts) was launched.

10 июля 2017