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EZOCM JSC is planning to expand the presence in the European market in 2018

On April 12 and April 13 a party of EZOCM JSC led by Sergey Smirnov, Head of Sales Department, and Alexey Fomin, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department (STD), visited the Czech enterprise SAFINA a.s.

In the course of the visit the products range and technologies of EZOCM were presented to the specialists of SAFINA and also the negotiations were held with Vadim Kartavtsev, the company CEO, concerning the cooperation plans for the year 2018. The cooperation will develop in the field of EZOCM JSC products supply to the customers of SAFINA in the European countries.

“In 2017 EZOCM JSC developed the technology of solid-drawn (seamless) tubes manufacturing of dispersion-strengthened platinum. SAFINA has a number of requests from customers in Europe for supply of such tubes. We will take the necessary specification; calculate the cost of manufacturing to assess the possibility to enter the market. Active implementation of the technology is currently being planned,” Sergey Smirnov told us. “Also, SAFINA sees a certain potential in the European market of glass feeders (bushings). After the market assessment the Czech partners will be ready to buy one-piece end caps for feeders with further ready product assembly in the Czech Republic (many European customers don’t want to buy feeders that are manufactured somewhere outside Europe). Afterwards, SAFINA will consider purchasing the manufacturing technology of one-piece end caps for die feeders from us.”

During the visit, the officers of EZOCM have visited SAFINA’s production facilities and discussed the possibilities of experience and new technological solutions exchange with the Czech company.

“EZOCM has a 100-years history of development and SAFINA is even older. The enterprises have accumulated a huge industrial experience and implement innovations actively.  It is beneficial for both plants to be in the same group since it allows us to build up an efficient technological cooperation along with interaction in the field of sales,” Alexey Fomin emphasized.

04 мая 2018