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PLAURUM Group has taken part in the SCIF-2017 in Georgia

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

International PLAURUM Group continues to develop activity on export of PGM products. In May, PLAURUM Group companies, Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC (Russia) and SAFINA a.s. (Czech Republic) presented their complex project for nitric acid industry which includes a full cycle of catalyst-system operations – from the product manufacturing and supply to recycling and a wide range of customer services.

Presentation of the new project was made during the conference “Innovation Solutions in Industrial Fertilizer Production” (Scientific Conference Industrial Fertilizers, SCIF-2017), Georgia (Tbilisi), on May 17-19. The conference initiated by “Rustavi Azot” company, Georgia, was held for the first time.

However, it gathered together nitric acid and mineral fertilizer manufacturers and equipment producers, engineering and technological solution developers and providers from 22 countries, including Russia, the UK, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Poland, Iran, Kazakhstan, and others.

PLAURUM delegation on SCIF-2017 was headed by EZOCM JSC Deputy General Director on Commerce Alexander Andreev and SAFINA a.s. Commercial Director Josef Bříza.

“We are determined to develop catalytic-system supplies in all countries with a developed nitrogen industry. We are actively working on increasing our presence on this market in Russia, and on entering new markets in European countries, China, the USA, Canada and others – as well as in former CIS countries, including Georgia. Now, we have a new competitive edge that results from synergy of PLAURUM Group companies. The complex solution presented in Tbilisi, includes not only production and supply of catalytic systems by EZOCM, but also their recycling at PLAURUM Russian and European facilities, and providing a full range of relevant post-production services including cleaning of nitric-acid plants for PGM recovery by SAFINA.

It is important that Russian companies participated at the conference, because only PLAURUM is capable of rendering such services on the domestic Russian market,” explained Mr. Andreev.

One of the issues discussed at the conference was reinforcing cost effectiveness of nitric acid production. The participants had interest in unique features of EZOCM  catalytic systems, including their considerably reduced content of platinum and extended operating circle (which significantly reduce the investment of precious metals and improve the efficiency of catalytic systems). The latter is achieved by using PdW-5 alloy, which increases the mechanical strength of catchment gauzes, one of the key components of catalytic systems.

“The conference has started a series of negotiations with potential clients, which we intend to develop into cooperation this year. SCIF-2017 plans for organize this event on an annual basis and attract a greater number of the participants.

SCIF tends to transform into the largest science and practical conference on the subject of industrial fertilizer production throughout the territory of the former CIS. We will certainly consider participation in SCIF for 2018,” added Mr. Andreev.

In 2017 PLAURUM Group representatives have already taken part in Nitrogen+Syngas international conference (the UK) and  Nitrogen Industry Conference in China.

30 мая 2017