Catalytic systems

This up-to-date catalytic system produced by the company and designed for ammonia oxidation in units for nitric acid and hydroxylamine production is made of a number of gauzes:

  • catalyst gauzes;
  • catchment gauzes;
  • separating gauzes (which are used for catchment gauzes separation and prevent their agglomeration during operation).

EZOCM JSC develops and manufactures catalytic systems taking into account specific features of particular units’ operation and individual customer requirements.

For this purpose, gauzes made of precious metals are used, which differ from each other by:

  • alloy grades;
  • density of weaving and knitting (for woven and knitted gauzes);
  •  diameter of the wire used;
  •  mechanical properties.

Work to reduce losses of precious metals during operation, improve gauze conversion, reduce waste processing time and manufacturing of finished products is continuously being carried out.

The primary advantages of the technology being developed for catalyst gauze production are as follows:

  • catalyst alloys with a reduced platinum content;
  • electrochemical activation of the catalyst surface for rapid ignition;
  • unique PdW-5 alloy containing special additives for catchment gauzes;
  • electrochemical activation of the catchment gauzes to reduce addition and losses of precious metals.
Alloy Wire diameter, mmMesh size, mmMesh/cm2
Catalyst gauze - woven   
Catalyst gauze - knitted
Separating gauze
Catchment/getter gauze
PdW-5 (Pt coating)0.0760.2361024
PdW-5 (Pt coating)0.120.349453