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A documentary about Baraboshkin N.N. - founder of EZOCM has been screened

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

Ural and Siberian Film Studio shot a documentary film, the hero of which was the first director of the Ekaterinburg Refinery (later EZOCM JSC) Nikolay Nikolayevich Baraboshkin.

The film tells us about the life and work of this outstanding Russian scientist, engineer and metallurgist of the beginning of the 20th century. N.N. Baraboshkin was born in St. Petersburg in 1880, graduated from the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, but all his activities were related to the Ural-Siberian region. He is the founder of the Metallurgical Faculty of the Ural Mining Institute, headed the laboratory of non-ferrous metals of the Ural University, and worked as Deputy Director for educational and scientific work of the Ural Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals.

In 1916, under the leadership of N.N. Baraboshkin the Ekaterinburg Refining Plant was designed and built. The same date is considered the beginning of the development of the Russian precious metals industry. With the personal participation of N.N. Baraboshkin the original methods of refining platinum metals were developed at the plant in the period from 1916 to 1930, and all six metals of the platinum group were obtained in pure form, which allowed the company to begin production of platinum and its alloys from 1928.

 “We are very pleased that the film studio employees took an interest in one of the brightest figures in the history of not only our company but the entire Russian refining industry. Also, as part of the film, employees of EZOCM JSC Dmitrii Serikov - Head of Production Management and Vladimir Bogdanov- Advisor to the General Director for technical issues were interviewed. Nikolai Nikolaevich Baraboshkin is an example of dedication, hard work and strength of purpose. Nikolai Nikolayevich firmly believed that Russia, a country with rich reserves of precious metals, should have its own developed refining industry, whose enterprises will be able to compete with major Western companies. He lived for the sake of this idea and did a lot to implement it. Such people need to be remembered and proud of them,” said Alexander Andreev, General Director of EZOCM JSC.

26 ноября 2018