Chemical Industry

The key product of EZOCM is catalyst systems which are used to produce nitric acid from ammonia, hydrocyanic acid and hydroxylamine sulphate. In total, these products have been in production for more than 70 years. Over this period, the total volume of meshes produced has been about 400 tons. This figure is equivalent to the worldwide production of catalytic systems over 10 years. Over the last 10 years, the geography of EZOCM’s catalytic system delivery has encompassed 20 consumers from 7 countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Canada.

The state-of-the-art catalytic system manufactured by the company for ammonia oxidation in nitric acid and hydroxylamine production units covers a combination of meshes:

  • catalytic meshes;
  • catching meshes;
  • separation meshes (used to separate catching meshes and prevent their sintering during operation.

EZOCM develops and manufactures catalytic systems taking into consideration specific operating features for definite units and individual consumer requirements.

Meshes from precious metals are used for this purpose, being differentiated by:

  • alloy grades;
  • knitting and tying densities (for knitted and tied meshes);
  • diameter of wire used;
  • mechanical properties.

Continuous work is being done to reduce losses of precious metals during operation, increase mesh conversion, minimize the time it takes to recycle scrap and manufacture finished products. 

The main advantages of catalytic mesh manufacturing know-how are as follows:

  • Catalytic alloys with reduced platinum content
  • Electrochemical activation of catalyst surface for rapid igniting
  • A unique PdW-5 alloy with specialized additives for catching meshes
  • Electrochemical activation of catching meshes to reduce investment and precious metal losses

Apart from catalytic systems, EZOCM produces chemical compounds containing platinum group metals which are used to manufacture catalysts and lab ware utilized when analytical research is conducted.



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