Iridium Products

Iridium Products

EZOCM JSC possesses requisite professional competences and technologies enabling the company to manufacture materials and products from iridium and iridium-based alloys for present-day branches of industry:

1. Crucibles

  • For single crystals growth for optics and laser, semiconductors, scientific research works.

2. Wire

  • For electrodes in spark plugs, parts of implantable medical devices, probe needles for semicon industry.

3. Disks and targets

  • Are used for sputtering targets in semicon industry, for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.


     Diameter, mmThickness, mmWidth, mmLength, mmHeight, mm
    Iridium crucibles     
    solid-drawn bottom20-1601.0-2.0--20-160
    Iridium wire0.10-6.00    
    Iridium stripes-0.10-3.0010-20010-300-
    Iridium foil-0.01-0.0910-10010-100-
    Iridium targets     
    Iridium discs2.00-6.000.10-0.50---

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