Research and development department

Research and development department

Over its century-long history Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC has been constantly improving the production processes and has been the first in the industry to start manufacturing of many products types. The plant continues these activities today.


  • carrying out of research and development activities aimed at aimed at obtaining and applying new knowledge to solve technological, engineering, economic and other issues;
  • maintenance and analysis of the existing technological processes, their improvement in order to increase labor efficiency, improve quality and reduce the cost of manufactured products;
  • development and implementation of the most progressive technological processes, types of equipment and production tools to increase competitiveness of the enterprise;
  • development and manufacturing of new types of products and new raw materials in order to obtain additional economic profit;
  • determining of new prospective and strategic directions of the enterprise development;
  • obtaining of patents on its developments and presentation thereof at conferences and other major industry events in order to maintain the plant`s reputation of the technological leader in the Russian and global precious metals industry.

From year to year Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC implements a number of strategic projects related to the development and exploitation of new types of products, as well as enhancing the quality and consumer properties of the current product range.


  • development of a technology for manufacturing electrodes and wire made of iridium (including single-crystal Ir) and its alloys for automobile industry;
  • development of production tools for the use of ultrasound in silver alloying processes;
  • development of platinum refining technology by pyrochlorination method;
  • development of technology and manufacturing of precision products for the medical, watch and electronics industries;
  • development of a technology for the production of gold micron wire for electronics industry;
  • development of a technology for the production of seamless tubes made of Pt alloys, including capillary tubes with calibrated inner diameter;
  • development of a technology for coating electrodes for pacemakers with iridium oxide;
  • development of composite dispersion-strengthened materials for glass melters and catalyst gauzes;
  • development of a technology for production of steel catalyst gauzes with precious metals coating for nitric acid industry;
  • development of a technology for recycling of PtRe and PtPdRd collectors to obtain refined metals;
  • development of a technology for production of the finest thermocouple wire.