About Cookies

Use of Cookies

1. General Provisions

EZOCM JSC collects and processes cookies for Users who visit the services of EZOCM JSC.

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites request from the browser used on the User's computer or mobile device. Cookies are stored locally on the Internet user's computer or mobile device.

2. Purposes of Information processing

2.1. Improving the quality of the Website, usability, fixing bugs in services, developing new services.

2.2. Conducting statistical and other research (e.g. identifying the most frequently visited pages (services) on the Website, maintaining statistics of the Website visits).

3. Content of Information from Cookies Processed by EZOCM JSC

3.1 Information from Cookies processed by EZOCM JSC includes:

Depersonalised data collected by EZOCM JSC while the User is on the Website, namely:

1) data on technical means (devices), technological interaction with the service (including IP address of the host, type of the User's operating system, browser type, geographical location, Internet service provider);

2) information automatically received when accessing the service using Cookies;

3) summarised analytical information on the use of services.

3.2. The following types of cookies are used in the services of EZOCM JSC:

  • Strictly necessary cookies/technical cookies: these cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and provision of services to the User; inter alia, they allow EZOCM JSC to identify the User's hardware and software, including the browser type;
  • Statistical/analytical cookies: these cookies allow to recognise users, count their number and collect information such as operations performed on websites, including information about the web pages visited and the content the User receives;
  • Technical cookies: these cookies collect information about how users interact with the website, allowing errors to be detected and new features to be tested to improve the performance of the services;
  • Functional cookies: these cookies allow to provide certain features to make it easier to use websites, for example by storing preferences (such as language and location);
  • (Third-party) tracking files: these cookies collect information about traffic sources, pages visited. They are used for statistical and research purposes.

Based on the data collected through cookies, EZOCM JSC develops the most useful functionality for services available to the User, carries out statistical studies, corrects errors in services and tests new functions to improve the performance of services and personalises them.

The user can opt out of cookie processing in their browser settings. In this case, EZOCM JSC services will use only those cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of such a service and the provision of its functionality.