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Employees of EZOCM examined innovations in the electronics industry at the fair Electronica-2018 in Germany

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

Representatives of EZOCM JSC took part in the largest international fair of components in the field of the electronic industry - Electronica-2018. The event was held in Munich (Germany) from November 13 to 16. More than 3,600 exhibitors from Asia, Europe, America and Africa were represented at the Munich Trade Fair Center. This event was attended by more than 80,000 professionals from 50 countries.

Electronica-2018 exhibitors are leading and new manufacturers of electronic components and elements in all major sectors: the automotive industry, mobile systems, microelectronics, medical equipment and built-in devices. Thematic sections of the exhibition Electronica-2018 are: artificial intelligence, semiconductors, passive components, servo technology and various drive elements, keyboards, switches and relays, connecting components and systems, printed circuit boards, corpus-based technical equipment, built-in systems, system components, displays, nanotechnology and microtechnology, sensor systems and devices, power supply, design in electronics, calibration and testing of devices and components.

“In view of the growing influence of electronics on the daily life of a person and the activities of enterprises, EZOCM needs to get acquainted with the current trends in this field. The company's products are widely used in the electronics industry and instrument making of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad. As part of the visit to this fair, negotiations were held with potential customers from China, Taiwan, Slovenia, Mexico, the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and the UK for the supply of contacts, wire, powder, foil”, - said the Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department of EZOCM JSC Mark Vislinsky.

“The healthcare industry is undergoing a period of drastic changes. We are seeing more and more digital solutions. Medicine can work only through joint efforts at a point of intersection of medical and engineering disciplines. Electronics is at the center of innovation in the medical technology sector. There are already many examples of vital events of the past, such as x-ray machines and cardiac pacemakers. And now that healthcare is becoming increasingly digitalized through networking, data mining, and telemedicine, electronics has become an essential element. The result is a further growth of the market for such products, which is stimulated by both ageing and the rapidly growing global population, as well as great attention to individualization in medicine. Based on this, we studied the products of leading medical manufacturers, held negotiations on the supply of precise products, markers, chemical compounds,” said Aleksei Fomin, Head of Research and Development Department at EZOCM JSC.

03 декабря 2018