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EZOCM JSC establishes contacts with the Chinese industrial enterprises

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

This October representatives of a major Chinese holding company, the leader in iridium products manufacturing in China, have visited the industrial site of EZOCM JSC. The company also develops the technologies and equipment designed to reduce the precious metals loss at the nitric acid production facilities, carries out installation and maintenance thereof.

The prospective partners have been familiarized with the production facilities of EZOCM JSC: refinery workshop, semi-finished and finished products manufacturing workshop, iridium drawing sector, plasma melting workshop, petrochemistry autocatalysts and catalysts processing sector, etc. The guests have also been given a demonstration of the capacities of fire assay laboratory and other units of Central Analytical Laboratory.

“Issues of the iridium recovery technologies, chloroiridate, ruthenium chloride, iridium crystals production technologies and precious metals analysis methods have been discussed during the meeting. Such major international companies carefully choose their suppliers for which reason the environmental requirements and measures regarding the iridium recovery process and precious metals compounds production process have also been discussed. The Chinese company is also interested in cooperation with EZOCM in the field of spent iridium crucibles recycling along with the refined iridium powder production”, said Aleksei Shchukin, Head of Precious Metals Management Department at EZOCM JSC. “During the negotiations the Chinese guests have expressed their interest in fine iridium wire and precious metals chemical compounds, as well as the desire to place a sample order for trial batch. There is a high demand for such products in China. The negotiations with the company holding’s management will continue,”Aleksei Shchukin added.

14 ноября 2018