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EZOCM JSC establishes cooperation with foreign manufacturers of measuring instruments

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC develops cooperation with foreign manufacturers of measuring equipment. To this end, the company took part in the largest international exhibition of sensor, measuring, control and testing technologies SENSOR + TEST 2018.

The event was held in Germany (Nuremberg) from 26 to 28 June 2018, bringing together 600 exhibitors and over 8,000 visitors from 35 countries. During the exhibition, the delegation of EZOCMJSC, which included the Head of Marketing and Advertising Department Mark Vislinskiy and Deputy Head of Science and Technology Department Alexey Fomin, held meetings with representatives of more than 50 companies from Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Austria, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands , Belgium, Japan and China.

"We communicated with the manufacturers of various sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, etc.), thin-film coatings, optical filters, optoelectronic sensor systems, semiconductor electronic and microelectronic components, etc. In their production, they use precious metals, alloys and products made of them, such as gold, platinum and iridium wire, thermocouple wires and thermocouples, targets of silver, platinum, palladium, and tubes made of platinum, etc., therefore they are interested in a reliable supplier. Further negotiations will be related to more precisely defining the requirements of potential customers and organizing trial shipments," said Mark Vislinskiy.

From the beginning of the year EZOCMJSC took part in a number of major foreign industry events, this work contributes to the development of the export business of the enterprise.

13 августа 2018