EZOCM JSC Gets into the Global Healthcare Market

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

EZOCM JSC continues implementing one of the key projects supplying precious metals for healthcare industry. At the present moment we are manufacturing products for cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. Furthermore, the plant is taking an active part in some major industrial events both in Russia and abroad in order to promote its products.

Thus, within the period from May, 21 until May, 23 representatives of EZOCM JSC participated in a European trade fair for medical technologies, Medtec Live 2019 (Stuttgart, Germany). Each year major manufacturers and vendors of medical products and technologies, and experts in the field of healthcare from all over the world gather together at this Trade Fair. This event has provided us additional opportunities to get in contact with major players of the international industry producing cardiac pacemakers, diagnostic and ablation catheters and neurostimulators.

Mark Vislinskiy, Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department of EZOCM JSC, notes that in the process of participation in this Trade Fair the company analyzed competitors and held negotiations with prospective customers from Germany, Great Britain, India, Switzerland, China, Austria, Luxembourg and Ireland seeking to find out their needs and discussing delivery of finished products. 

Furthermore, participation in this Trade Fair facilitated implementation of a large-scale strategic project “Medicine” of EZOCM JCS.

“Within the framework of this Trade Fair we took part in MedTech Summit International Convention, which is one of the most important events in the healthcare industry. During the last ten years it has been recognized as the key event in Europe. MedTech Summit 2019 brought together current medical technologies and innovations and state-of-the-art technologies. We attended scientific lectures about cross-technology approaches, trends in the industry, and industrial processes. Some stands presented information about impetus to the next generation of medical devices. In addition to this, within the framework of the Trade Fair young European companies presented innovative solutions and services for the healthcare industry”, says Alexey Fomin, Head of the R&D Department of EZOCM JSC.

24 июня 2019