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EZOCM JSC has successfully passed Re-Certification Quality Management System Audit under ISO 9001:2015

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

In March 2019, EZOCM JSC successfully passed a recertification audit (Report 707026209), as a result of which the company received a new certificate TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH of Quality Management System compliance to the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015 with registration number 12 100 47596 TMS, valid from 05.04.2019 until 04.04.2022.

The audit was performed by leading auditors, TMS RUS LLC which is an exclusive representative of the German TÜV SÜD Group of Companies in the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Such audit is performed in cycles: supervisory audits are performed annually during 2 years, and then a re-certification audit is performed on the basis of which a new certificate is granted.

EZOCM JSC applies its certified quality management system in the following fields:

- Rendering services in processing of raw materials containing precious metals for recovery of affined metals; and

- Manufacture of technical and industrial goods made of precious metals and alloys.

The quality management system developed and deployed by EZOCM JSC is aimed at increasing satisfaction of the customers which is achieved by efficient use of the system and its continuous improvement.

The audit performed at the plant showed that the quality management system is efficient. This fact is confirmed by an analysis of its performance in 2018. All internal audits were performed in full. The range of the products is being broadened, and we upgrade our equipment to improve quality of the products, introduce new size classes and reduce risks of faults.

It should be noted that products of EZOCM JSC have been certified since 1992, and the management system has been certified since 2004.

The certificate of conformity of quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 confirms the fact that the quality of management of the company is high and that the specialists are adequately competent. Moreover, this certificate gives a considerable competitive advantage.

27 мая 2019