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EZOCM JSC will upgrade the process equipment in 2019

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

EZOCM JSC has started to implement the equipment upgrading project in 2019.

“The commissioning of new equipment items will provide for reduction of the product cost, the labor cost, the loss of precious metals and increase of the non-defective products output. The equipment stock renewal will also allow us to decommission the outdated machines and to reduce its maintenance costs. Following the results of the start-up and adjustment operations the staff will undergo training to work with the new equipment”, said Konstantin Rzhanoy, Director of Operations and Chief Engineer of EZOCM.

The most important items of the new equipment are worth highlighting:

  • electron-beam apparatus (designed for platinum-group metals melting, etc. for the subsequent production of the high-tech finished products, such as crucibles, wires, rolling, catalytic systems, foil, tubes, disks);
  • equipment system for rotary forging (designed for production of high-quality iridium, rhodium and other metals’ semis for the subsequent production of high-margin finished products meeting the requirements of the modern industry, such as contacts, wires, needles, disks);
  • scanning electron microscope (used to analyze the precious metals during the enterprise operations as well as during the research activities).

11 февраля 2019