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Science and Technology Department has been established within the structure of EZOCM JSC

The most interesting events in the life of the Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant.

Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC (company of PLAURUM Group of Companies) has established the new structural unit, Science and Technology Department. Its tasks include the development of plant production, ensuring the release of new types of products, further development of the raw materials processing and research work.

Dmitry Shulgin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of Development, has become the Head of Science and Technology Department, and Alexey Fomin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, has become the Deputy Head.

The staff of the Department fall into two groups, one of which is engaged in projects related to metal processing (including heating, rolling, drawing processes, machining) and alloys production. Another group is focused on hydrometallurgy-related projects (refining, chemical processing, processing of raw materials, etc.).   

According to Dmitry Shulgin, the work of Science and Technology Department is carried out in five key directions, namely, upgrading of the existing technological processes with a view to improve efficiency of labor, products quality and cost reduction; creation and implementation of new technologies and equipment; designing and development of new types of products and raw materials; envisioning of strategic directions of development of EZOCM. In addition, Science and Technology Department is engaged in research activities aimed at generation and application of new knowledge for solution of the technological, engineering, economic and other issues of the enterprise. The management tasks also include obtaining of patents on their designs and presentation thereof at conventions and other major industry events with a view to maintain the plant’s reputation as the leader in technology of precious metals production industries in Russia and in the world.

 “The development strategy of EZOCM for the next few years implies increased sales of finished high-technology products. The science- and technology-related work is exactly what will make it possible for us to be in the market, to meet the customers’ requirements and to keep up with the competition. For the purpose of such strengthening the Science and Technology Department has been created”, said Alexander Andreev, General Director of EZOCM JSC.  


11 мая 2018