List of Analytical Services

List of Analytical Services

The Central Analytical Laboratory of EZOCM JSC provides analytical services to outside organizations in performing chemical tests of precious metals and items containing them on contractual basis.

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On the List of Analytical Services, you can familiarize yourselves in detail with the test objects and analytical services provided by the CAL of EZOCM JSC.

Dear Customers.

If your test object contains precious metals but you have not found it on the list of services provided, please contact our professionals to find out if it is possible to make such a test and to obtain a price quote.

Maria Lisienko, Head of Central Analytical Laboratory 
+7 (343) 311-46-44, 

Oksana Ovsyannikova, Manager of CAL
+7 (343) 311-46-26, +7-967-856-97-60,

To conclude a contract for provision of services, you would need to submit a letter inquiry to the attention of Maria Lisienko, Acting Head of Central Analytical Laboratory, specifying/describing the test object, codes of analysis methods from the List and quantity of samples. After the request has been received, CAL manager will be in touch with you.

To make it convenient for the customer to use the catalogue of analytical services, the test objects are listed in separate sections

Section 1

Mineral raw materials

Section 2

Secondary raw materials and production waste

Section 3


Section 4

Electronic waste

Section 5

Refined metals

Section 6

Alloys containing precious metals

Section 7

Precious metals-based chemical compounds

Section 8

Solutions containing precious metals

Section 9

Monitoring tests

Section 10

Additional services


When choosing the test method for your specific test object, we would always be delighted to give you consulting assistance.


General Requirements Relating to Packaging the Samples Submitted for Testing:

The sample packing must make it possible to close/open it multiple times as well as ensure that the material of the sample is intact and secure.

Samples for determination of moisture and percentage of other impurities must be placed in a sealed container preventing external factors from affecting the material.

It is mandatory that each sample bear a label containing the information about gross and net weight, description of the sample material and the customer’s sample number. We would be particularly grateful for labels attached to samples!

Requirements relating to the mass and shape of samples are given in the notes to each section of the catalogue.

Work completion dates are specified for simultaneous delivery of a batch in the quantity of no more than five one-type samples. When the quantity of samples is more than five per batch, completion dates are to be agreed additionally with the customer. When the test period is shortened at the customer’s request, a markup is to be charged in the amount of 100% of the agreed price.

When making an arbitration test, a markup is to be charged in the amount of 100% of the standard price. Operational control of error in making an arbitration test is to be exercised with respect to each batch of samples or a sample using the state standard reference sample, shop reference sample, by means of weighted sample varying method or an alternative test method.

The price at which the analytical service is provided can be reduced when analysis is ordered for a batch consisting of one-type test objects. The level of the discount depends on the number of one type samples in the batch and is subject to negotiation.

If it is found during the test that the content of the component being determined is out of the range of the analysis method chosen and paid for by the customer, then the test result may be issued as the range limits (less/more) or another recommended laboratory method may be additionally ordered as agreed with the customer. Test performance using the second method is also to be paid for.

Test performance using the second method may require an additional sample material to be provided. 


If it is found during the test that the use of the method chosen and paid for by the customer may lead to false results, we shall definitely inform you thereof and suggest an alternative method allowing receipt of truthful data. You can additionally order another recommended laboratory method. Test performance using the second method is also to be paid for.

Test performance using the second method may require an additional sample material to be provided.

When performing analysis of refined precious metals, precious metals alloys, precious metals chemical compounds, in case components are identified in the test sample which is uncharacteristic of this particular type of products, the fact that these components are present will be stated in the report on quantitative chemical analysis.

From our professional staff you can obtain information about procedures included into the scope of the laboratory’s accreditation, about the use of certified procedures of measurement and other information, including that about the price of analytical services.

Meaning of the designations used for analysis methods in the List sections:

ICP-OES - Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry

ICP-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

AAS - Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

FA Fire Assay

Х-Ray - X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

OES Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

IRInfrared Spectrometry



Accreditation Certificate_Reference Material Producer

Provider’s Accreditation Certificate AAC.РТР.00315