Reference materials production

Reference materials play a key role in ensuring that measurements are uniform and comparable. They guarantee accuracy of measurement results and are involved into the process of product quality control. In the operation of analytical laboratories, they are used for calibration and graduation of the equipment, for development and validation of analytical techniques; for analysis results quality control; provision of measurements traceability and accreditation of laboratory's for technical competence.

In addition to that, as part of industrial plants activities, reference materials are essential to provide evidence base in settlement of issues concerning conformity of products to the required specifications.

The first sample authorized as a reference material was produced by Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant in 1965. Since then, EZOCM has developed more than 1200 reference materials (in sets and as separate reference materials) of pure precious metals and alloys based on precious metals and non-ferrous metals.

Among the recent developments are pure gold (Au99.995) and platinum (Pt99.99) reference materials certified by contents of the base element. First of all such RMs are used to prove the measurement results traceability based on applying pure metals.

EZOCM is accredited in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO Guide 34 as a Reference Material Producer (accreditation certificate No. AAC.RM.00282 dated 18.07.2016, area of accreditation is available on the website

EZOCM JSC has all the technological resources (state-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff) to produced reference materials of refined precious metals, alloys based thereon, and industrial wastes containing precious metals upon customer’s request.

For more detailed information on production of reference materials, please contact Maria Lisienko, Head of Central Analytical Laboratory:

Phone:+7 (343) 311-46-44

Information on reference materials available for purchase is presented here.

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