Enamelled wire


Enamelled wire made of precious metals and their alloys is used in instrument engineering and electrical engineering if the stringent requirements for reliability and uninterrupted operation of equipment cannot be provided by using of wires made of other metals or alloys.






Wire of PET grade (heat-resistant enamelled wire in accordance with technical specifications (TU) 32.12.14 ‑001‑00195200‑2021) – wire insulated by enamel varnish PE-943A (TU 16‑K71‑074) or ELIZVAN 130/34 (TU 2311‑149‑05758799) with IEC 60085 thermal class of 130 or by enamel varnish PI‑155A (TU 2311‑022‑05758799) with thermal class of 155.

Important parameters that must be taken into account when choosing enamelled wires are the values of the electrical resistance of current-carrying conductor, its diameter, temperature class of insulation, and the dielectric strength.

Wire produced by EZOCM JSC fully meets the requirements of regulatory documents. For wire manufacturing, high-quality materials and modern equipment are used. Finished products undergo multi-stage quality control. Wire is tested on certified equipment which has all the necessary certificates of verification and calibration.

The wire is delivered in plastic spools with the winding diameter of 30 to 80 mm. Packaging of wires ensures their safety during transportation and zero damages on delivery.

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Enamelled wire

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