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Equipment for glass fiber and basalt fiber production

EZ OCM JSC produces melters for basalt fiber and glass fiber production, bushings and drain apparatus made of precious metals and alloys based on them for glass industry and the producing of composite materials. The plant can supply equipment for producing of any type of fiber glass or basalt fiber.






The plant provides individual development and testing of the basalt and glass melting equipment in accordance with the customer's required assortment that may include:

  • Micro-thin staple glass fiber and products made from it: insulating boards, heat-insulating products;
  • Continuous glass fiber and materials from it: high-strength high-modulus fiberglass roving (VM and VMP marks), structural glass fabric, twisted thread, glass fiber, geogrids, masonry meshes, facade fiberglass meshes, silica fiber and materials based on it;
  • Continuous hollow glass fiber and materials from it: hollow fiberglass direct roving;
  • Ultra-thin basalt staple fiber and products from it: heat-insulating boards;
  • Super-thin basalt fiber and products from it: wired mat, heat-insulating boards, basalt cord, composite board, basalt needle-punched mats;
  • Continuous basalt fiber and materials based on it: direct roving, spun roving, assembled basalt roving, basalt fiber (chopped basalt roving).

EZOCM JSC also provides engineering support for equipment for glass and basalt fibers production.

 The plant uses unique technologies for refining the scrap containing precious metals and for glass melters manufacturing, that allows achieving the total impurity content up to 0.001% (pyrometallurgical processing, electrolysis in molten salts):

  • production of products made of dispersion-hardened metal and their use in complex compositions allows reducing of metal consumption by 20-30% and also reduces the content of expensive rhodium in the alloy;
  • manufacturing of all-stamped spinneret plate improves the product quality and allows the spinnerets tight placement on the spinneret area.

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Equipment for composite materials production

Glass melting systems; bushings; drain apparatus for glass fiber and basalt fiber production

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