Equipment for glass fiber production

Bushings for forming a continuous filament (Е, С, ECR glass fiber types)


Material: platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys, including dispersion-hardened, palladium

Application: fiberglass roving according to state standard GOST 17139 and standard specification ASTM D-578, constructive woven fabrics according to state standard GOST 19170, twisted threads according to state standard GOST 8325, glass fiber. Geogrids, masonry meshes, facade fiberglass meshes according to Russian Construction Rules and Regulations SNiP 22-81 and state standard GOST 55225. Silica fiber and materials based on it according to state standard GOST 56212

Propertiescontinuous filament diameter 6-30 micron, linear density of a thread up to 14-4000 tex, performance from 4 to 60 kg/hour. Operating cycle up to 300-500 days.

Regulatory document: company standard STO 00195200-105-2017


Spinneret diameter, mmSpinneret quantity, pcs.
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