Equipment for basalt fiber production

EZ OCM JSC manufactures devices for production of continuous basalt filament and super-thin basalt fiber by gas blowing method. Manufactured fibersCBF and STBF can be used for production of products in accordance with state standards GOST 21880-2011 (Thermoinsulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications), GOST 9573-2012 (Thermal insulating plates of mineral wool on syntetic binder. Specifications) as well as such a product as basalt rope, fiber, direct roving, assembled roving, spun roving.

The plant produces more than two dozens of various bushing standard sizes forsuper-thin basalt fiber (STBF) production.

Bushing parts (in accordance with company standard STO 00195200-105-2017) are made of palladium Pd 99.9 or platinum-rhodium alloys PtRh-5, PtRh-7, PtRh-10, PtRh-20 or dispersion-hardened platinum and dispersion-hardened platinum-rhodium alloys. Bushing can be produced with thermocouple or without it. Wire for thermocouples is  made of platinum PtT or platinum-rhodium alloys of PR-6, PR-10, PR-30 grades.

  • Spinnerets quantity is from 100 to 2500 psc;
  • Innovative all-stamped milled bushings are manufactured without welding;
  • EZ OCM JSC produces innovative bushings with all metal solid-drawn spinneret plate with improved operating characteristics.

Drain apparatus (DA) (in accordance with company standard STO 00195200-036-2008) for production the heat-insulating materials are made of platinum Pt 99.93; Pt 99.9; Pt 99.8; palladium Pd 99.9; Pd 99.8; platinum-rhodium alloys PtRh-2, PtRh-5, PtRh-7, PtRh-10, PtRh-20, dispersion-hardened platinum or dispersion-hardened platinum-rhodium alloys. Wire for thermocouples is made of platinum PtТ or platinum-rhodium alloys of PR-6, PR-10, PR-30 grades.

Bushings and drain apparatus (DA) can be manufactured in accordance with the customer’s drawings as well as necessary R&D can be performed upon agreement.

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Glass melting systems; bushings; drain apparatus for glass fiber and basalt fiber production

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