Sputtering targets

Planar sputtering targets


Applications: for magnetron sputtering, incl. for coating low-E float glass

Regulatory document: technical specifications TU 1995-475-00195200-2006 *

* Upon agreement, sputtering targets can be made of other alloys and in accordance with customer’s drawings

Materials and dimensions:

MaterialGrain size, min, mmThickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm
MinMaxMinMaxMin  Max
Gold 20
Iridium 200300
Palladium0.05 10300650
Rhodium 3200300

** All dimensions are specified for one segment (non-jointed product). Sputtering targets can be made longer and wider by jointing individual elements (segments)

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2. Product number or product drawing.

3. Unit pricing (per 1 gram of alloy/per piece; counting per piece)

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