Crucibles, stirrers

Crucibles and devices for light guides production


The crucibles and devices for the production of light guides are a complex of chambers that allows simultaneous drawing fibers from different types of glass.

Application: for optical fiber production

Regulatory document: company standard STO 00195200-035-2008, technical specifications TU 1995-475-00195200-2006*

*Crucibles and devices can be manufactured in accordance with the customer’s drawings.

Material and dimensions: platinum Pt99.93; Pt99.9; Pt99.8; platinum alloys PtRh-5; PtRh-7; PtRh-10 (and others - upon agreements), various shapes and dimensions are available.

Auxiliary equipment for ensuring the technological process of fiber production can be supplied both as a complete set with the device and as a separate product.

Auxiliary equipment includes:

  • Drain and overflow pipes;
  • Crossover pipes;
  • Lids;
  • Screens;
  • Level gauges;
  • Thermocouple protection tubes.

The equipment can be manufactured both according to the EZOCM catalogs and according to the customer's drawings.

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