Crucibles, stirrers

Crucibles for laboratory research


Application: industrial production and research purposes.

Regulatory document: company standard STO 00195200-095-2016, technical specification TU 1995-475-00195200-2006*

*Upon request, crucibles and equipment can be manufactured in accordance with the customer’s drawings.

Material and dimensions:

Material Diameter, mm   Wall thickness, mm  Height, mm 
 Min  Max  MinMax  MinMax 

Platinum Pt 99.8, Pt 99.9$ platinum alloys PtRh 93-7, PtRh 90-10, PtRh 80-20, PtRh 70-30, palladium Pd 99.8, Pd 99.9, gold Au 99.9, Au 99.99. silver Ag 99.9, Ag 99.99.

Note – crucibles can be made of other platinum-based alloys upon the customer’s request.


According to technical specifications TU 1995-475-00195200-2006, the following auxiliary equipment can be manufactured: screens, flared tubes, pestles, cylinders and balls with rods for viscometers, floats, incl. with a rod, rings with a shackle, plungers, cylindrical heat exchangers, bubbling tubes, needles, incl. level gauge needles, rods, tips, tubes for the machine for determining fluorine, pipe flanges.

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