Monometallic contacts in accordance with GOST 25852-83

Monometallic contacts are manufactured by cold forming and blanking in accordance with state standard GOST 25852-83.

Contact type

Basic alloys

Contact type PG

Ag 99.9; AgCu 90; AgPd 80-20;
Au 99.9; AuAg 60-40; AuAg 92-8;
AuAgCu 58.5-30; AuCr-0.5; AuCu 80; AuNi 95;
Pd 99.9; PdAg 60-40; PdAgCo 60-35;
PdIr 82-18; PdIr 90-10;
Pt 99.9; PtIr 75-25; PtIr 90-10; PtNi 95.5

Contact type SG

Contact type KG

Contact type SD

Contact type PD

Contact type PC

Contact type PL

Contact type PK (1 PK, 2 PK)

Contact type SK (1 SK, 2 SK)

Contact type F (1F, 2F, 6F)

Contact type PS

Contact type SS

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