1. Labware is used in carrying out chemical and analytical operations in fluoride systems.

1.1 In using hydrofluoric acid to decompose natural and industrial silicate materials, namely: rocks, minerals, glasses, cement, solid residue of waste water, ashes of plant- and animal tissues, mineral part of soils, etc. (platinum crucibles, dishes, flasks, spatulas);

1.2 In operations of alloying with salts and complex compounds of hydrofluoric acid;

1.3 When opening the fluorine-containing inorganic materials by pyrohydrolysis method (platinum boats and tubes).

2. In sulphate systems, to decompose oxides, fluorides, carbonates, phosphates, borides, certain silicates, and a number of other chemical compounds by means of heating by sulfuric acid; to open numerous minerals of titanium, niobium, tantalum, aluminium, chromium, etc.

3. When opening the assays of silicate rock and minerals, minerals and ores of titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium, manganese, chromium, and other natural and many industrial materials by alloying with borax, boric oxide, lithium metaborate, as well as when opening the assays by alloying with mixture of borax and soda, where PtAu-5 material is used.

4. In evaporation and concentration of assays of natural waters, technological solutions, organic solvents, mineral acids, as well as reagent recrystallization.

5. In determining ash content in organic and biological material, soils, etc.

AlloyPurity, maxOverall dimension, mmMaterial thickness, mmVolume, cm3
Crucibles, cups, bowls and other drawn or rotary crushed items 5.01550.11.00.31200
Au99.99 5.01550.11.00.31200
Pt99.99 5.01550.11.00.31200
Pt99 disp. hardened 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtAu-5 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtAu-5 disp. hardened 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtIr90-10 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtIr95-5 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtPd90-10 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh-10 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh-10 disp. hardened 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh-20 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh-5 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh-7 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh80-20 5.01550.11.00.31200
PtRh93-7 5.01550.11.00.31200
Boats, dishes, glasses, lids, shovels, spatulas, tips, test-tubes and other stamped, cut items 5.01550.11.00.31200
Ag99.99 5.0780.13.0  
Au99.99 5.0780.13.0  
Pd 5.0780.13.0  
Pt99.99 5.0780.13.0  
Pt99 disp. hardened 5.0780.13.0  
PtAu-5  5.0780.13.0  
PtAu-5 disp. hardened 5.0780.13.0  
PtRh-10  5.0780.13.0  
PtRh-20  5.0780.13.0  
PtRh-5  5.0780.13.0  
Cathodes, electrodes, funnels, knives, stirrers, triangles and other welded items AnyAnyAny
PtAu-5 AnyAnyAny
PtAu-5 disp. hardened AnyAnyAny
PtRh-10  AnyAnyAny
PtRh-5  AnyAnyAny
PtRh93-7  AnyAnyAny

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