Other materials (copper, nitrogen industry sludge, etc)

Registry numberNameCode of the CRMCRM formElement – certified value, mass fraction, %Expire date, yearCertificate of analysis
SOP 0383-2022CRM of technological wasteTO3powderAu 0.0055; Ir 0.0131; Pd 0.191; Pt 0.658; Rh 0.0714; Ru 0.00052; Ag 0.3442032Certificate of analysis
SOP 0381-2022CRM of technological wasteTO1powderAu 0.0434; Ir 0.055; Pd 0.567; Pt 0.364; Rh 0.081; Ru 0.0136; Ag 0.6762032Certificate of analysis
SOP 0379-2022CRM of copperMDM-2chipsAu 0.600; Pd 0.0502; Pt 0.0101; Ag 0.10052042Certificate of analysis
SOP 0378-2022CRM of copperMDM-1chipsAg 0.0295; Au 0.00208; Pd 0.00058; Pt 0.0005882042Certificate of analysis
SOP 0344-2019CRM of nitrogen industry sludgeSl-1powderPd 8.19; Pt 6.192029Certificate of analysis
SOP 0331-2018CRM of copperCuAuAgdisk, rolled plateAu 0.1001; Ag 0.10072088Certificate of analysis

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