Waste catalysts

Registry numberNameCode of the CRMCRM formElement – certified value, mass fraction, %Expire date, yearCertificate of analysis
SOP 0337-2018CRM of waste catalystOCM AK4powderPd 0.0365; Pt 0.0396; Rh 0.00712028Certificate of analysis
SOP 0336-2018CRM of waste catalystOCM AK3powderPd 0.0561; Pt 0.0615; Rh 0.0112028Certificate of analysis
SOP 0335-2018CRM of waste catalystOCM AK2powderPd 0.1118; Pt 0.1226; Rh 0.02182028Certificate of analysis
SOP 0315-2017CRM of waste catalystOCM AK1powderPd 0.1668; Pt 0.0755; Rh 0.02532027Certificate of analysis
SOP 0306-2017CRM of waste aluminum-platinum catalystOCM PtRe1powder

Pt 0.244; Re 0.240

2032Certificate of analysis (RU)

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