Sputtering targets

Targets are used for thin film coatings on different kinds of surfaces. Fields of application:

 - coatings for low-E float-glass;

 - instrument making;     

 - production of crystals for power electronics and transistors;

 - manufacturing of household goods e.g. razor blades.

Planar targets made of silver with purity up to 99.99% and gold with purity up to 99.999% and of other precious metals upon customer’s request, including targets with steel inserts.

Rotatable targets Ag, Zn, ZnAl, ZnSn.

Bonded platinum targets based on copper. Bonded gold and Cr targets based on copper.

AlloyGrain size, min, mmThickness, mm  Diameter, mm Width, mm Length, mm
MinMaxMinMaxMinMaxMin  Max
Ag0,080.135  10500101000
AgCu 0.135  10500101000
AgZnCu-1.8-0.9 0.135  10500101000
Au 0.120  10500101000
AuCu 0.120  10500101000
Ir 0.120  1020010300
Pd0,050.110  10300101000
Pt 0.110  10300101000
Rh 0.13  1020010300
Ag 0.1352300    
AgCu 0.1352300    
AgZnCu-1.8-0.9 0.1352300    
Au 0.1202300    
AuCu 0.1202300    
Ir 0.1202200    
Pd 0.1102200    
Pt 0.1102200    
Rh 0.132200    
*All sizes are per one single (not bonded) item


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