Sputtering targets


Precious metal sputtering targets are used as expendable materials for deposition of coatings on various surfaces by magnetron sputtering.

Applications: coatings for low-E float-glass; in instrument engineering; in the manufacture of crystals for power electronics, transistors; in the manufacture of household products, such as razor blades.






EZOCM JSC produces sputtering targets of various shapes and dimensions made of following metals and alloys: Ag99.99 according to state standard GOST 6836-2002; Pd99.9 according to GOST 13462-2010; Au99.99 according to state standard GOST 6835-2002; Ir99.9 according to state standard GOST 13099-2006; Rh99.9 according to state standard GOST 13098-2006; Ru99.9 according to technical specifications TU 1995-475-00195200-2006; Pt99.93 according to state standard GOST 13498-2010; bimetallic bonded targets of the "silver-copper", "gold-copper" systems. Upon agreement, targets can be made of other materials.

Sputtering targets can be manufactured both according to the catalog of technical specifications TU 1995-475-00195200-2006 and according to the customer's drawings. Plant produces targets with a grain size of up to 50 microns on palladium targets and up to 80 microns on silver targets. Following the global best practices, EZOCM JSC constantly improves production technologies.

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