Touch needles


Since 1991, EZOCM produces and certifies touch needles which are used as reference alloys for trying the fineness of a precious metal jewelry or its scrap by the touchstone method (by comparing the streaks made by the article and the touch needle on a touchstone). The accuracy of the analysis of the chemical composition of touch needles is guaranteed by an analytical laboratory which is accredited for technical competence.






The range of touch needles produced by EZOCM includes more than 300 alloys of the following compositions:

  •          Gold with fineness 100-1000 with additions of silver, palladium, platinum, copper, nickel, zinc, cadmium.
  •          Silver with fineness 100-1000 with additions of copper, nickel, palladium, platinum, silicon.
  •          Palladium with fineness 475-850 with additions of copper, nickel, silver.
  •          Platinum with fineness 700-999 with additions of palladium, iridium, rhodium, copper.

Sets of touch needles are supplied for assay inspections, pawnshops, jewelry enterprises.

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