Tube is a semi-finished product with cross-section of constant dimensions and uniform wall thickness in form of straight portion or rolled up into coil, manufactured by casting, pressing, drawing or welding.

Tubes of precious metals and their alloys are widely used in various industries, including instrumental engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear power, jewellery and some others. Tubes are used in manufacturing of contact devices, apparatus, instruments, jewellery and components.






EZOCM JSC manufactures drawn, capillary and welded tubes made of precious metals and their alloys in accordance with the requirements of standards.

JSC EZOCM produces tubes in a wide range of diameters from precious metals and their alloys - silver and its alloys with palladium and copper, platinum and its alloys with iridium and rhodium, palladium, gold and their alloys with silver. Manufacturing capabilities make it possible to produce tubes made of silver and silver-copper alloys in a seamless version, tubes made of other alloys are manufactured from a high quality welded billet with high compositional homogeneity.

Precious metal tubes are supplied in cut tubes with length up to 1500 mm.

In the production of tubes, high-quality materials and modern equipment are used. All products undergo multi-stage quality control.

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