Wire made of precious metals and their alloys is used in various industries: electrical engineering, instrument engineering, medical products manufacturing and jewelry industry.



EZOCM JSC produces wire for various applications, the wire may have different diameter, condition of supply (annealed / unannealed), physical and mechanical properties.

The wire produced by EZOCM JSC fully meets the requirements of regulatory documents. For wire manufacturing, high-quality materials and modern equipment are used. Finished products undergo multi-stage quality control. Wire is tested on certified equipment that has all the necessary certificates of verification and calibration.

Depending on the requirements of the regulatory document, the wire is supplied in coils or on plastic or metal coils with a winding diameter of 40 mm or more. Packaging of products ensures their safety during transportation and zero damages on delivery.

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Semi-finished products


1. Alloy, contents of major alloy components;

2. Geometry dimensions;
3. Condition: hard (unannealed) / soft (annealed).

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

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