Precious metals compounds

The specialists of JSC EZOCM have developed the processes and created the conditions for industrial synthesis of chemical compounds of precious metals.

Chemical compounds of precious metals are the products that are widely and commonly in demand in different industries. Precious metals compounds are used in the following production sectors:

  • synthesis of chemical compounds,
  • production of catalysts in chemical and petrochemical industries,
  • production of autocatalysts,
  • manufacturing of electronic components,
  • manufacturing of corrosion resistant electrodes,
  • manufacturing of antitumor medicines.

JSC EZOCM produces chemical compounds in accordance with the requirements of the Russian standards as well as taking into consideration customer requests.

Following customer requests, our specialists can synthesize precious metal compounds even that are currently not included in the product range offered below.

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CategoryProductRequired informationOrder quantity
Chemical compoundsChemical compounds in the form of crystals and solutions

1. Compound name;
2. Physical state (solution or crystal);
3. Contents of principal components and impurities (defines the compound type)

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

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