Iridium products

Iridium products

EZOCM JSC possesses requisite professional competences and technologies enabling the company to manufacture materials and products from iridium and iridium-based alloys for present-day branches of industry:

1. Crucibles

For single crystals growth for optics and laser, semiconductors, scientific research works.

2. Wire

For electrodes in spark plugs, parts of implantable medical devices, probe needles for semicon industry.

3. Disks and targets

Are used for sputtering targets in semicon industry, for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.

 Diameter, mmThickness, mmWidth, mmLength, mmHeight, mm
Iridium crucibles     
solid-drawn bottom20-1601.0-2.0--20-160
Iridium wire0.10-6.00    
Iridium stripes-0.10-3.0010-20010-300-
Iridium foil-0.01-0.0910-10010-100-
Iridium targets     
Iridium discs2.00-6.000.10-0.50---