Iridium products


EZOCM JSC has expertise and technologies for the production of materials and products made of iridium and its alloys for various industries. The plant manufactures iridium products using electron beam melting technology.

Such properties of iridium as hardness, resistance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion, ability to keep constant physical dimensions, determine the scope of its application: equipment for growing oxide single-crystals with a high melting point; electrodes for spark plugs; coatings of microcircuit elements; the production of electronic components, etc. Iridium-192 isotope is used as a source of gamma radiation in non-destructive testing, in brachytherapy for cancer treatment.






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Technical products


other technical products;

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Semi-finished products

Flat-rolled products (strip, foil, ribbon);

wire; tubes;

other semi-finished products (discs, rings)

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2. Geometry dimensions

3. Condition: hard (unannealed) / soft (annealed).

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