Iridium products

Iridium crucibles


Application: for growing oxide single-crystals with a high melting point such as lithium tantalate, sapphires and others, as well as in scientific research.

Materials: iridium Ir99.9; Ir99.8; Ir99.95

Regulatory document: company standard STO 00195200-063-2011

Iridium crucibles are produced in two forms:



Dimensions Cylindrical crucibles, type A and B*  Conical crucibles, type A and B* 
Bottom diameter
From 20 to 240 mmFrom 30 to 90 mm
Crucible diameter
From 20 to 240 mmFrom 35 to 105 mm
Wall thickness
From 1 to 4 mmFrom 1 to 4 mm
From 20 to 350 mmFrom 40 to 100 mm
*Type A: thickness of side walls and bottom are equal.
Type B: bottom is thicker than side walls with a coefficient of 1.2 to 1.3.

Crucibles, holders, spinnerets, screens, and other iridium products for single-crystals growing can be manufactured upon the customer's request.

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