Precious metals powders


Precious metal powder is a precious metal in the form of a finely dispersed friable product, characterized by a certain grain-size and chemical composition.
Precious metal powders are used for the production of alloys, semi-finished products, chemical compounds and for other purposes.
Precious metal powders are manufactured in accordance with state standards GOST 31290-2018, GOST 31291-2018, GOST 12342-2015, GOST 12338-2020, GOST 12343-2019, GOST 12339-2016, and company standard STO 00195200-040-2008.
A powder with other particle size can be produced upon an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer.

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CategoryProductRequired informationOrder quantity
Refined metal; BarsPowders

1. Metal, purity;

2. Powder particle size (if applicable)

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

GrainsMetal, purity
Standard bars

Metal, purity

Weighted bullion bars

1. Metal, purity;

2. Specification / design and bar nominal weight.

Customized bars

1. Alloy, contents of major alloy components;

2. Metal;

3. Geometry dimensions.

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