Catchment gauzes

Catchment gauzes

Gauzes made of Pd‑5%W or Pd‑5%Ni alloy are installed in ammonia oxidation unit after catalyst gauzes and are used to recover platinum and rhodium, which are evaporating from catalyst gauzes during their operation.

Catchment gauzes can reduce the loss of precious metals in catalytic system by 30‑40%.

Catchment (getter) gauzes are manufactured in accordance with the company standard STO 00195200‑015‑2021.

AlloyWire diameter, mmMesh size, mmMesh/cm2
Catchment gauzes
Gauzes from wire of other diameters or a different mesh/cm 2 parameter can be manufactured upon customer request

PdW95-5 alloy compared to other alloys has the following advantages:

• Increased mechanical durability of PdW95‑5 alloy (700‑715 N/mm²) compared to PdNi95‑5 alloy (610‑620 N/mm²).
• Increased heat resistance throughout the operation cycle due to the higher melting temperature of PdW95‑5 alloy.
• Higher Pt collection efficiency: during the process of its evaporation tungsten accelerates diffusion of Pt and Pd, and as a result Pt collection efficiency increases. Industrial tests determined that PdW95‑5 gauzes collect Pt to 3‑5% more effectively in comparison to PdNi95‑5 gauzes.


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