Thermocouples TPP (R)

Thermoelectrodes of temperature transducers (thermocouples) are made from a complete of thermocouple wires that meet the requirements of state standard GOST 10821-2007. For the TPP 13-E (R) thermocouple, a wire PR-13 (for a positive thermoelectrode) and wire PtT (for a negative thermoelectrode) are used.

Thermocouple TPP 13-E (with diameters 0.5 and 0.5)See dimensions and properties

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Products for temperature measurement


1. Specification.
For customized products – wire length and diameter

2. Requirements for availability of a certificate of verification

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

Thermocouple wire

1. Alloy;

2. Wire diameter;

3. Tolerance class Tolerance class of the thermoEMF from the nominal static characteristics;

4. Complete set.

Required quantity, unit of measurement.
Wire for resistive temperature transducers

1. Wire grade or alloy and requirements for W100 parameter;

2. Wire diameter;
3. Condition: hard (unannealed) / soft (annealed)

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

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