The uncased temperature transducers (thermocouples) are used for temperature measurement in the oxidizing and neutral gas environments, which are not containing substances interacting with the materials of temperature transducers. Thermocouples are also used as replaceable sensing elements of cased temperature transducers.

There are three types of temperature transducers: TPP (S), TPP (R), TPR (B) of various designs that differ from each other by the length of the thermocouple wires (from 190 to 2,530 mm).

Wire according to state standard GOST 10821-2007 and high-quality auxiliary materials are used for temperature transducers manufacturing. The operation time of temperature transducers is at least 6,000 hours in the operating temperature range.

Each temperature transducer is accompanied by a verification protocol and a quality certificate.

At wire acceptance, modern equipment and measurement standards with verification certificates are used.

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Products for temperature measurement


1. Specification.
For customized products – wire length and diameter

2. Requirements for availability of a certificate of verification

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

Thermocouple wire

1. Alloy;

2. Wire diameter;

3. Tolerance class Tolerance class of the thermoEMF from the nominal static characteristics;

4. Complete set.

Required quantity, unit of measurement.
Wire for resistive temperature transducers

1. Wire grade or alloy and requirements for W100 parameter;

2. Wire diameter;
3. Condition: hard (unannealed) / soft (annealed)

Required quantity, unit of measurement.

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