Separating gauzes

Separating gauzes

Separating gauzes are used to separate catchment gauzes from each other and prevent their sintering during operation.

AlloyWire diameter, mmMesh size, mmMesh/cm2
Separating gauzes   
Cr23Al5 (FeCrAl alloy 837)0.25; 0.4 0.5; 1.0
Cr23Al5Ti (FeCrAl alloy 875)

Gauzes from wire of other diameters or with a different mesh/cm2 parameter can be manufactured upon customer’s request. 


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Catalytic systems

Catalyst gauzes

Catchment / getter gauzes

1. Alloy, contents of major alloy components;

2. Mesh size (or mesh/cm2) and wire diameter;

3. Gauze dimensions and geometry;

4. Gauze surface treatment method (activation)

Required quantity, unit of measurement.


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